Тимоха (timoha15) wrote in funwithaknife,

My Knife Gallery

Just found and joined this community

Not much action here lately it seems, so here's a link to my knife gallery. Been building my collection since '97 or so, and it's slowly getting interesting :) Finally got a Chris Reeve Sebenza for Xmas this year!!! Anyone else got a nice edgy present?

Happy New Year!
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I got a nice set of throwing knives for Chanukah.

My Chris Reeve Sebenza was for my birthday ;)

Nice!!! I've had a few sebenzas in my years of collecting... now I am left with only my first one.. a Unique Graphic Regular Sebenza. I want a Unique Small Classic one of these days. Just paid for my Scott Cook Lochsa that took about 2 years to complete!!! If only i could get to shows I could get one... but the plane ticket alone would be more than the knife!