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Nine Ashe

My Life with Knives

I cannot believe I've been on LJ for as long as I have and have not come up on this community before!

To say that I like knives would be an understatement.

I have basically grown up all my life with one in my hand.

My father was a produce broker back in the day and always had a knife handy, if not many, to slice open a juicy mango or fragrant papaya for a prospective buyer. Let a buyer taste the quality of your goods and he'll always come back.

Of course, with such frequent use, his blades would get dull pretty quick... and being a fan of knives himself (I know I take it from him), he wouldn't sharpen them but instead seize the opportunity to purchase a new one... a different one.

The dull used knives always came to me... to play with... to handle... to learn...
And I got pretty good at it.

When I got old enough to figure out that blades needed to be sharpened, my father gave me my first real lesson on yielding and wielding a knife... how to open a butterfly with the flick of the wrist... how to close of jack without fumbling... how to throw a knife and always catch it by the handle or the tip of the blade without cutting myself.

Of course, I cut myself many many times over. That's how you learn. Nothing serious... just lovely scratches and nicks... all of which I wear proudly.

Growing up with a rather paranoid mother (she claimed white slavers would take me away if I gave them the chance, being a pretty round white girl as she said), I always carried a knife on me. Never showed it to anyone as that is not the main purpose for carrying it... but always had it on me.

And luckily, I've never had to use it. I have cut up my apples, cleaned my nails, opened bottles, cut up paper, shredded some weed, and played with it much... but I have never had to take it out to defend myself.

The only time I didn't have it on me, I almost got raped.
The only time I took it out in anger, I quickly drew it back in not wanting to do something I'd regret... especially as the fucker who instigated my anger was just not worth it.

But I don't recommend anyone push me to violence... as I can actually say I'm pretty threatening with a knive... then again, I'm quite intimidating without one too.

I own over a dozen regular blades... ie, they aren't those fancy medieval only-for-show knives you can find at Excalibur. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty... but not practical.

My favorite knife, and the one I've been carrying with me everyone for over 5 years, is a 6-inch flip blade with a steel and hardened glass case with a gorgeous colored dragon embedded in the handle.

My second favorite blade is hidden close to my bed pillows (in case someone were ever to try to unconsentually violate me in my own bed). It's a short fat 3-inch curved blade with a hole and the base of the blade where I slip it a finger for extra grasp during wrapping my palm around the curved wooden handle.

Both my favorites were gifts from long-ago friends.

The best gifts a girl could have! :-)
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